About us

Dror Educational Centers (Drornet) NPO was founded in 1982 to create educational and academic

frameworks for working youth and teenagers whose needs were not being sufficiently met in the

normative education system.

During its years of operation Drornet has developed pioneering experiences and educational models

for children and youth and has served as a “pedagogical think tank” for innovativeness in the field

of education. The unique educational style emphasizes the processes of training and guidance for

educational staff and volunteer teams.

Drornet’s goal is to create and lead changes in the field of education and study in the spirit of social

pedagogy, through the creation of varied frameworks that address one’s holistic development from

childhood to adulthood and through change-promoting partnerships with existing frameworks in the

education system.

Drornet’s activity is spread nationwide and appeals to all sectors of society; our home is open to every

child and youth in need a personal and guiding touch as we seek to develop a relation of creation,

responsibility and affinity to the world.

The educational perception

The “social pedagogy” has been developed for years in Drornet and expresses the essential connection

between education and society. In the belief that the two are inseparable, meaningful education must

deal with the questions that binds the individual with society.

The principles of the social pedagogy:

• Belief in the right and ability of each participant to fulfill themselves in their own unique way.

The central element in the educational process is the individual student and not predetermined


• Creation of a change-generating educational process which gives the student a direction

towards fulfillment and meaning in their life.

• Meaningful dialogue that creates a sense of value, presence, responsibility, creativity and


• Activity within the peer group where relationships and interpersonal encounters create an

experience of belonging and growth in the class, in the social group, in the staff of educators and

in the wider community.

• Learning processes that deal with real life challenges facing the individual, society and the

world, that seek to give the student a world-view based in a strong foundation of values.

Granting knowledge, skills, and abilities, which are vital for human life in a rapidly changing


The educational staffs

Drornet operates based on the work of dedicated and conscientious educators who believe in education

as a personal and social mission. Amongst them are:

¸ Educators and counselors from “Dror Israel” – a social, educational and cooperative movement.

¸ Teachers, educators and educational staff from across Israeli society.

¸ Volunteers who choose to contribute their time, energy and abilities for change-generating


Our activities:


Boarding schools – youth societies

Educational leadership in schools

Children and youth centers in neighborhoods



Education and leadership in the workplace

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